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Concealed carry law will lead to deaths on campus

Concealed carry law will lead to deaths on campus
The Montana University System is fully justified in its opposition to House Bill 102, enabling and budgeting for open and concealed carry gun use on Montana state campuses.
The prefrontal cortex in human brains is responsible for organizing behavior, including consideration, ordering and timing of behaviors, and execution. It is not fully developed until a person’s mid20s. College students cannot be expected to be fully prepared for the complex decision processes required for safe and effective gun use in an unstructured situation. There is nothing to hunt on campus but disaster.
Whatever the arguments are in support of HB 102, the results are already obvious to any thinking person. Gun violence amounts to much more than self-defensive homicides. Mass shootings, accidental discharges, passion inflamed murders, and suicides are the consistent results of unstructured gun use.
Two-thirds of gun violence in America occur as suicides which, unlike any other form of self-destruction, requires no preparation, and therefore no time to reconsider or ask for help. Putting guns
on campus amounts to inviting students, when they are momentarily distraught, to make their most consequential decision their last.
Consider also that guns on campus will not stay on campus. Local businesses have as much to lose as the families of college students and staff.
College is an opportunity to stretch out, but it is also the first opportunity our kids get to make big and small mistakes on their own. Mistakes are extremely valuable only when they are not extremely dangerous. There is neither need nor advantage to be gained by having guns hidden all over our campuses. Whatever supporters are after it’s not a good education or a safe community.
HB 102 will ensure only one definite outcome. Guns on campuses will result in death on campuses.
Melissa Blessing

Unregulated guns on campus is dangerous path
You’re telling me I must have a permit to park my car on campus but nothing is required to carry a gun? Having worked on campus for more than 40 years I saw my share of immature students (and some faculty) and am deeply concerned that on June 1 we will be seeing unregulated guns on campus.
Fearing legislative funding retaliation, the Office of Higher Education and the Board of Regents are hesitating to take legal action. Let them know the availability of unregulated guns on campus is a very dangerous path. At least require a parking permit for the gun.
Billie Warford

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor 5/2/21

MUS listening session May 12 on gun carry policy for campuses

On February 18, Montana Governor Gianforte signed into law HB 102, which allows concealed and open carry weapons in public places, including Montana University System property. For campuses, the law has an effective date of June 1, 2021.

Prior to the Board of Regents (BOR) May 26-27 meeting, the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE) and BOR are requesting feedback regarding implementation of gun carry policy on campuses via one of two ways:

• In writing, by emailing
• During a virtual listening session on May 12 from 3 to 5 p.m.
(Registration in advance is required to access the listening session)

Register here

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