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Comments about Daines joining Coup

As a veteran in the state with one of the highest concentrations of vets per capita in the U.S., I just sent Daines an email telling him

  1. His actions regarding the recent elections should be viewed within the context of the meaning of the word “Sedition” and that definition should be read aloud in his Senate office for all to hear it.
  2. Every vet’s meeting that I attend going forward I will remind my brothers and sisters of what we fought for and our father’s fought for over the past 240 years is being thrown away by Sen. Daine’s actions this week. He needs to be held accountable and if necessary, driven from office over his disregard for our Democracy and how it functions.

If there was ever a poster boy needed for out of touch, autocratic, entitled, rich business failures in Politics – here’s your boy!

To me, a careful reading of a Senator’s Oath of Office may point the way to unseating him. There is a clause about supporting and defending the Constitution as a primary requirement. One could argue that voting to overturn a Certified Election of another State(s) does not meet that criteria. If he violates the Oath of Office he is subject to impeachment and removal from office.

This won’t be easy given the current makeup of our State Legislature……..

Richard Frazier

I have been researching ways to formally discipline a senator for inappropriate actions that violate the oath of office, etc. Here is some basic information. I will forward the full text soon, so you can read about the specifics. A senator cannot be recalled, but a senator can face expulsion by the senate. This procedure is unlikely to be successful, lots of hurdles, but the complaint is on public record. More likely to be successful is censure of a senator, which is “less severe than expulsion, a censure does not remove a senator from office. It is a formal statement of disapproval, however, that can have a powerful psychological effect on a member and his/ her relationships in the Senate.” This procedure is possibly worth pursuing at some point. I think the Senate Majority would influence the type of complaint put forth and its chance for success.

It seems it may be time to try something different where Daines is concerned. The calls, emails letters, rallies, protests, and letters to the editor are so important, but we need more tools to hold him accountable. Maybe it’s time to do more research, get creative, and “think outside the box.” If we need to better understand some of these procedures in the Senate, we can always call Tester for clarification!

In Solidarity, Connie Rhoads

Senator Steve Daines from Montana is one of the 12 Senators signing onto this overthrow of the Constitutionally elected President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. Daines is outrageously participating in sedition, racism, coup, power grab – probably he plans to run for President in 2024.

Pat Simmons

Senator Daines Must Find Courage

John DiCola

By John DiCola

U.S. Senator Steve Daines must find the courage to reverse his intention to object to the certification of President-Elect Joseph Biden by the Electoral College. He can do so by asking himself: How do Montanas gain from this action?The election took place. American’s votes are counted, in some cases recounted and verified several times. The results are certified by each state, electors selected based on the votes and the electors voted. This is the process that is outlined in our Constitution.

President Trump’s own Attorney General William Barr said, “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election.”   . It’s over.

Now, representing all Montanans, Senator Daines is joining an extreme faction led by U.S. Senator Ted Cruz to undermine the legitimacy of the 2020 election.   .What is the possible benefit to Montanans?

Fast-forward 30/60/90 days, when all this dust settles, and Washington D.C. goes back to work. Part of Senator Daines’s job is working to secure funds and resources from the Federal Government for Montana, our highways, roads, bridges, educational institutions and public lands.

How will Montana be received by the new administration after our U.S. Senator tried to overturn a free and fair election, disenfranchising millions of Americans?

If Senator Daines believes he’ll be treated equally to Senator Cruz and others, he needs to consider Montana is .2 percent of US GDP where Texas is more than 8 percent. Texas has 38 members in both houses of Congress and Montana has three.

Does Senator Daines think the Biden administration will look out for Montana the next 4 years?

This is a huge deal for Montanans, where Federal Aid makes up over 45% of our State budget. That money goes to Medicaid, Veterans, Native Americans and job creating Infrastructure projects that support our tourism and agriculture based economy.

Our new Governor says he wants to grow “good-paying” jobs in the state. That’s great. And it means we’re competing nationally to attract investors and businesses to Montana. If the Montana elected officials actively work to undermine our national democracy, does Senator Daines think that looks promising to them? How does that affect Montana’s risk profile to prospective investors and businesses?

Senator Daines is about to make Governor Greg Gianforte’s job a whole lot harder.

Business strategy is what I do. And I do not see any strategy from Senator Daines’s current stance against the results of the 2020 general election that benefits one single Montannan, not even himself.

If you agree, let him know. You can send him a message here: https:/

Or call his office: (202) 224-2651

Better yet, Call it out on social media. Here’s Steve’s FB:

Steve Daines Chief of Staff Jason Thielman:

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John DiCola is an advisor to early-stage technology and consumer products companies throughout the United States of America. He is a resident of Bozeman, Montana.
Published on Linked In 1/5/21

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