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At PSC, Woods will work for us, not corporations

We face, we are told, a consequential election. I agree! Except the most consequential race is down ballot, for the Public Service Commission. Tom Woods is your essential vote.
If you’re under 30, pay attention: The PSC will make decisions that lock in your climate future – more smoky Septembers like this, or shorter ski seasons as our snowpack thins. It decides what energy and jobs power Montana – plentiful jobs in a booming clean energy sector, or scarce ones in a fading coal industry.
Your PSC vote will determine whether Montana ratepayers continue to subsidize Northwestern Energy’s dirty coal habit and wacky accounting – an accounting that hands millions of dollars annually to Northwestern’s stockholders. I’m tired of paying that tax.
Rep. Woods brings accountability, years of legislative experience supporting ratepayers, a zeal for fighting for us – not the corporate boardroom.
We need a PSC that works for us, not energy companies. That works with the city of Bozeman and its climate goals, not against it. That has a backbone.
We need a PSC with Tom Woods. Join me in putting Tom on the commission.
Douglas Fischer

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 9/26/20

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