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After conventions, contrast clear between Dems, GOP

The Democratic and Republican conventions are now over. There could not be a starker contrast.
The Democratic convention was about all Americans, of every ethnic origin, race, religion, sexual orientation and belief. It was also about the leadership responsibilities of the president. The
Republican convention was all about President Trump and the shifting of blame.
The Democrats called for unity, inclusion, cooperation, compassion, empathy, hope and love. The Republicans have indulged in racism, bigotry, exclusion, hate, anger, resentment, grievance and fear.
The Democrats have a convention platform with plans for containing COVID-19; building the economy devastated by the pandemic; helping those who have suffered from the loss of jobs and businesses; racial inequality; police violence; medical care for all; climate change; well paying jobs; opening a path to citizenship for immigrants; the right to vote, and more.
The Republicans have no convention platform, no statement of values or declaration of principle.
Patricia Skidmore

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 9/9/20

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