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Democrats to Gov. Gianforte: Veto Unconstitutional Legislation that Takes Away Montanans’ Rights and Freedoms 


Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Erin Loranger, Communications Director, Senate Democrats,

Nathan Stein, Communications Director, House Democrats,

Democrats to Gov. Gianforte: Veto Unconstitutional Legislation that Takes Away Montanans’ Rights and Freedoms 

HELENA – Senate Minority Leader Jill Cohenour and House Minority Leader Kim Abbott today sent a letter to Governor Gianforte requesting his veto on several pieces of legislation that are unconstitutional, take away Montanans’ rights and freedoms, and will halt economic growth in Montana.

“Republicans sold out Montanans this session in favor of a partisan, ideological agenda that had little to do with good paying jobs, economic recovery, or investing in our state’s future. Governor Gianforte has a choice: he can sign harmful and unconstitutional legislation that will create jobs only for lawyers or he can uphold campaign promises by protecting our freedom and taxpayer dollars by vetoing them all,” said Minority Leaders Sen. Cohenour and Rep. Abbott.

The letter includes a list of legislation and explains how it will move Montana backward and make Montana unrecognizable. The veto request spans legislation that:

  • Favors corporate cronyism, special interest bailouts, and tax cuts for the rich
  • Erodes personal choice and freedoms
  • Attacks the independent Judiciary
  • Pollutes Montana and privatizes our lands and wildlife
  • Restricts Montanans’ right to vote

The Legislature’s own attorneys have identified many pieces of legislation as having potential constitutional issues and are likely to be taken to court if signed into law. When Governor Gianforte is sued, Montana taxpayers will be responsible for footing the legal bill, which will likely exceed millions of dollars.

The Montana Republican Party, led by Governor Gianforte, have been hellbent on consolidating power and taking away the individual rights and liberties of Montanans this session. And if their unconstitutional, ideological agenda fails, they have passed dozens of laws this session that undermine our independent judiciary in an attempt to pack the courts with partisan judges and eliminate the last checks and balances on their power.

Governor Gianforte has a choice to use his role as Governor to end these attacks on Montanans’ rights and freedoms that have nothing to do with what he promised on the campaign trail, like creating jobs, raising wages, or protecting all Montanans.

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