In the People's Interest

Will we choose common sense or more corruption?


“We the people” face critical choices in June and November.
Will we choose life or death? Will we choose common sense or corruption? Will we defend or shred our Constitution?
We do know certain truths.
In this time of unrest, fear and death, a corrupt and incompetent White House has betrayed us.
For months Donald Trump dismissed experts’ early warnings about the coronavirus. We have suffered from his vanity and recklessness.
The coronavirus will disappear like magic, Trump said. No, it did not.
Inject poison to protect yourself, Trump said. No, we are not that stupid.
Strip health insurance from tens of millions of Americans, Trump demands of the Supreme Court. No, we disagree.
“I can do whatever I want” because the Constitution is “a bad thing for the country,” Trump bellows. No, he is not above the law and we will not let him shred our Constitution.
We are people of common sense. We know that our families, our neighbors and our nation deserve better than the idiocy of Donald Trump.
Fortunately, there are many commonsense leaders who are standing up for us.
Joe Biden, a proven and compassionate leader, understands ordinary Americans and knows the anguish of losing loved ones to untimely death. In Washington he will help heal our nation, restore jobs, and defend our Constitution.
Steve Bullock, our governor, is running for the U.S. Senate. He has guided us exceptionally well in the pandemic crisis, protecting our lives and those of our neighbors. He will have our backs in
From the U.S. House to state and local races, a slate of common-sense Montana Democratic candidates are also committed to defending our lives, nation and Constitution.
From common sense and for our families, neighbors and nation we will vote to restore American values.
Bruce Gourley

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 5/26/20

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