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Vote No on LR-130: Don’t take away our freedom  to make local decisions 

Vote No on LR-130: Don’t take away our freedom to make local decisions 

Background: The 2019 Legislature passed legislation which would have restricted a municipality, county, school district, or other local government unit’s authority to regulate the carrying of firearms. It removes a local government unit’s power to regulate the permitted carrying of concealed weapons. It repeals current law allowing a local government unit to prevent and suppress the possession of firearms by convicted felons, adjudicated mental incompetents, illegal aliens, and minors. It repeals the existing authority of local government units to restrict the open carry of firearms at public assemblies, parks, and school grounds.

Governor Bullock thankfully vetoed the bill, but the Legislature then passed an identical legislative referendum (LR-130, which cannot be vetoed) that is before Montana voters this fall.

LR-130 must be defeated. It is: 

  • Confusing. 
  • Unnecessary. 
  • Unconstitutional. 

    In Montana, we trust local citizens to decide how to keep our communities safe. That’s been the law for 130 years. But LR-130 would take this freedom away. This confusing, poorly written measure is an attempt by lobbyists and out-of-touch politicians to take away our freedom to make local decisions.
    Vote NO on LR-130: Keep Our Gun Laws as They Are 

    Montanans agree that we need to protect our Second Amendment rights, including our right to protect ourselves. We already have strong laws in Montana to ensure these rights.

    LR-130 is a reckless attempt to rewrite current gun laws.

    LR-130 is so confusing and poorly written that law enforcement officers, local officials, and constitutional law experts disagree on its meaning and whether it can even be enforced. We should not be passing a confusing, unnecessary and unconstitutional law that will create more problems rather than solve them.

    Vote NO on LR-130: For Montanans’ Rights and Montana Common Sense LR-130 is opposed by veterans, ranchers, nurses, doctors, hunters, local sheriffs and law enforcement across Montana.  Additionally, it is opposed by the Montana League of Cities and Towns, representing all 127 incorporated municipalities.

    We can protect our Second Amendment rights and Montana’s long history of local decision-making by rejecting this confusing and unnecessary measure. Vote NO on LR-130 to protect our freedom to make local decisions. 

    Vote NO on LR-130 to keep our gun laws the way they are. 

    Vote NO on LR-130.

Chris Mehl Email 8/31/20, 406-581-4992

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