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Unwavering support for Trump is not the solution


Mr. Arnone, in his letter, “The Democratic Party has become our worst enemy,” has once again demonstrated why he is such a big Trump fan. He engages in the same type of childish behavior of
name calling, insults, propagating mistruths and divisive rhetoric as his hero, Donald Trump.
There have been a few times in this country when people could actually have a civil conversation about how to solve the massive issues facing this country and come to some kind of reasonable compromise to begin solving real problems. The current divisive environment propagated by Trump and his faithful followers like Mr. Arnone, is not conducive to solving problems.
Smart people continuously question authorities, media and their own beliefs and are willing to change those beliefs based upon gaining more knowledge. Mr. Arnone seems to blindly follow Trump even though he is constantly trampling on the Constitution, the rule of law and every form of civilized behavior that we wish to impart to our children. And the Republican led Senate continues to enable him in his effort to eviscerate the checks and balances system set up in our Constitution.
So, if Mr. Arnone really thinks the Democratic Party is our worst enemy, then I can only assume that he wants to live in an autocracy where President Trump can do whatever he wants with impunity – just like Putin, Erdogan, etc. Since Mr. Arnone is such a huge Trump fan, I would suggest that he attend the Republican National Convention to be held in North Carolina (perhaps!) in a packed arena with 50,000 other Trump acolytes, most of whom will be refusing to wear masks (because “if Trump ain’t wearing a mask, I ain’t wearing a mask!”) during this pandemic so he can show is unwavering support for this man.
Michael Miller

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 6/3/20

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