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Trump embodies all that Christians say they oppose and Hatred can no longer be called freedom of speech


Trump embodies all that Christians say they oppose
One of the most disturbing incidents in the past week of unrest occurred when President Trump had police use tear gas on peaceful protesters so that he could pose in front of a church holding
a Bible. He seemed unfamiliar with how to hold “a Bible,” so it’s likely he’d have trouble opening it up and finding its verses on humility, its verses on being honest, its verses on respecting others,
and its verses on showing compassion to the poor, the sick, the orphaned, and the alien (read: immigrant).
I wonder if he can find the verse about loving others as you love yourself, which happens to be the exact thing the protesters are asking people to do. It is ironic that people standing up for biblical ideals of justice and an end to oppression were tear gassed by a man holding a Bible. It is sad that so many Christians can continue to support a man who embodies almost everything we are called to oppose.
Lorraine Klompien

Hatred can longer be called freedom of speech
Last Sunday there was a tremendous rally and march in Bozeman against racism and police killing of black and native Americans. On my way home I passed two confederate flags that were prominently displayed. How sick is that! In 2020, after racism and white supremacy has been shown to be a flaw in the society some people feel the need to express their hatred.
If you display that symbol of white supremacy you don’t believe in the true meaning of being an American. All people are part of the national fabric. There are no second class citizens.
The Civil War is long over. The period f white supremacy needs to end. All people need to be treated with respect.
Hatred can longer be accepted as freedom of speech. Hate speech is a relic of the past. It is time to put the symbols of white supremacy in museums where they belong. We have to work together to
end the most divisive issue that confronts this country.
Ian Root

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor 6/5/2020

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