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Stragegy of Republican Party is to prevent voting


The Republican Party’s strategy is to prevent as many people as possible from voting. Republicans are threatened by large voter turnout. Voter suppression has been a scheme for Republicans since the Voting Rights Act in 1965.
Republicans on the Supreme Court struck down the core of the Voting Rights Act in 2013, freeing states to change their elections laws without federal approval. The court was divided along  ideological lines with all five Republicans voting against the act. Republican states immediately began making voting as hard as possible by restricting early voting, moving polling places, and redrawing electoral districts.
President Trump stated that mail-in voting poses the “biggest risk” to his re-election prospects. He believes expanding mail balloting would be bad politically for the Republican Party. A Pew Research Center poll found more than 70% of Americans think any voter who wants to vote by mail should be able to. Trump has made it clear that despite voting by mail himself multiple times, he does not support the practice.
Voting by mail is a safe alternative to having to stand in line and vote in person with the coronavirus pandemic. Republicans continue to do whatever they can to suppress voting by mail. The health threat posed to citizens is of no concern to Republican politicians. If they cared about the health of the voters they would support the Affordable Care Act. Daines and Gianforte enjoy government health care paid for by hard working Montana citizens, even though many of these citizens do not have health care themselves
Judge Don Harris of Billings stated that “Attorney General Tim Fox promotes voter suppression in Montana by restricting voting by mail by Native Americans, elderly, disabled, poor, parents working low-wage jobs, college students, and first time voters.” Don’t let Republicans take your vote away.
Jack Davis

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 6/26/20

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