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Rosendale’s extreme record is not right for Montana

Matt Rosendale, candidate for U.S. House, is an extremist politician who has taken positions that run contrary to the views and needs of most Montanans. He’s voted against funding for homes for
veterans, against scholarship program for Montana’s Purple Heart veterans, against acquiring land to facilitate better access to hunting and fishing lands, against tighter controls on price increases by health care insurance companies and against laws that would protect people with pre-existing health conditions.
All the while Rosendale has voted for raising the retirement age for Social Security, for restricting access to public fishing streams and for removing protections from half a million acres of special public lands in Montana. And, he’s supported measures to repeal existing laws that lower drug costs and provide Medicaid benefits to 80,000 Montanans.
If you’re an independent or moderate Republican voter and Rosendale’s positions don’t fit with your idea of who we need representing us in Congress, then join me in electing Kathleen Williams, a commonsense candidate whose long history in public service and the private sector shows her commitment to supporting working Montanans and opposing the backward polices of Rosendale. Williams’ vision for Montana is one we all should embrace.
Lynda Caine

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 9/26/20

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