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Reporting on Montana State Hospital Shows We Need Better Healthcare

Just a few days ago, reporting from Seaborn Larson brought it to my attention that Montana State Hospital has some serious problems. 

The article stated:

“A federal agency has given the Montana State Hospital 23 days to correct noncompliance issues so severe that the agency determined patients’ health and safety are in immediate danger, or else the state’s only psychiatric hospital will lose its federal funding.

The violations that spurred the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to potentially strike its federal funding agreement with the Warm Springs facility: patients rights and infection prevention control.” 

I would encourage you to read the full article and reflect on what it says about our healthcare system. In Montana, not only do many people not have health insurance or live inconceivably far from care providers, but even those who get care may be getting it from facilities with serious problems, such as Montana State Hospital. We all value our health, so why don’t we invest in it? We’ve seen Republican lawmakers systematically side with corporations and ideology rather than the needs of real people. Thankfully, you and I can do something about it together. By volunteering, you can connect with neighbors building the power we need to create a Montana where everyone has good healthcare. 

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