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Protests don’t ignore history; Trump’s refusal to wear mask; Voters should send Trump’s lackeys


Protests don’t ignore history; they create it
Regarding recent protests, I am responding to Leslie Ball’s June 27 letter. Yes, democracy dies in darkness and we are all a part of history and must learn from it. No, civil unrest isn’t darkness,
racism can’t be ignored and majority rule isn’t how we govern.
Mr./Ms. Ball claims the recent protests are destroying our history. I counter that the recent protests are actually creating our history. America was born from public outcry. Throughout American
history, protest has manifested First Amendment rights and forced political change.
Mr./Ms. Ball says to put racism aside and no matter your skin color, if you act like an animal, you should be put in a cage. I say it is impossible to put racism aside in America because the first slave
ship arrived in 1619 on Virginia soil rooting the practice of slavery in our country’s origins. As President Trump’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, eloquently explained,
“What we are seeing is the long shadow of our original sin in Jamestown 401 years ago.”
Mr./Ms. Ball asserts that majority rule is how we do things in America. From individual freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights to the three branches’ separation of powers to the preeminence
of federal government, America—by design—combats the “tyranny of the majority” and protects the rights of the minority.
Lastly, Mr./Ms. Ball concludes that history is a part of us good or bad and that we should learn from it. Abraham Lincoln stated, “We cannot escape history.” From human chattel on ships to
livestock property on farms to racial segregation to mass incarceration to police brutality, the inescapable conclusion is that Black lives have not mattered in American history. The recent protests
illuminate this fact and are creating history where Black lives do matter.
Missey Dore
Trump’s refusal to wear mask a lack of leadership
As a Marine Corps Vietnam war veteran, I periodically visit the Vietnam memorial wall at Sunset Cemetery to visit a number of my fellow Marines who didn’t make it home. Semper Fi. The sheer number of names on that wall never ceases to amaze me. How did it ever go on for so long after I returned? If you haven’t visited the wall you should, to pay respect to those who gave their all
for this country.
Now, I see the number of people who have died from this pandemic exceeds the names on this wall, while we have the proven means to reduce the number of infections. These means are: to mask
up and maintain a safe distance in public and especially in enclosed spaces. In fact, I think these means should be mandated by law, not simply recommended. Why should we have a seat belt law to protect car occupants, and not have a law to protect the public? How is it that we should show respect for our fallen warriors but not the living? I recall a song by the late great Aretha Franklin encouraging us to show just a little “respect.”
I also recall back in grade school learning about lemmings following each other over a cliff and wondering, “why does this happen?” I still don’t know, but it seems similar to what is happening
with a third of our country following our narcissistic leader’s refusal to mask up. This clearly shows a lack of respect and failure of Leadership 101 by not setting an example.
The only thing I can figure is it must have something to do with evolution and cleansing the gene pool. Trump’s refusal to mask up and show respect for the living certainly puts him in the running for the 2020 Darwin Award.
Chester W. Hansen
Voters should send Trump’s lackeys down the road
A recent newspaper photo should have been labeled: “The Three Stooges” — Pence, flanked by Gianforte and Daines, all proud, subservient loyalists to America’s Buffoon-in-Chief. Years before running for president, we knew that Trump was flawed, based on his failed marriages, philandering, military deferments, bankruptcies, bigotry, fraudulent foundation and university, dishonesty, tax schemes, ad infinitum.
He continues that corruption, making decisions based on his “gut instinct,” unqualified appointees, violating rule of law, overriding the Constitution and thousands of lies.
Trump’s lawless behavior is facilitated by complicit cowards like Gianforte and Daines. House candidate Matt Rosendale, would gleefully complete a Montana trio of the Stooges.
Trump has promised to campaign for Daines. He came four times to defeat Tester. Incredible job, This president is the most miserable excuse for a human ever to occupy the White House! Conservative George Will wrote that Trump is the 45th best president! Montana can atone for supporting this incompetent dunce. We can select people of character, people who oppose the orders of a wannabe third-world emperor. What an admirable achievement if we help rid the nation of this disgraceful racist and his unashamed Montana lackeys!
Dan Rieder

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor 7/10/20

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