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NW Energy should cease with false narrative


An open letter to Northwestern Energy: Climate change is upon us, in part because of energy companies like you. I am terrified that our house and neighborhood will burn down this year or the next or the next because of climate change.
I am not an idiot and understand that wildfires happened before climate change but that danger is much, much greater now. If that happens I will hold Northwestern Energy partly responsible. You know that climate change is caused by greenhouse gases emitted by humans. And yet you continue to push coal and natural gas and seek to punish those of us who install solar panels, who drive electric cars.
Your greed greatly overshadows your civic and moral responsibility.
Please cease the false narrative about reliable energy and jobs and figure out how to generate all our energy from renewables. Plenty of young minds and workable models already exist. Lastly, do not charge us for investing in fossil fuels.
Mary Carlson

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 5/2/21

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