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Isabel Shaida: Peace not Fossil Fuels

At the Gallatin Democrats, we are working toward an abundant future. In particular, one of the things we organize for is a future of mutual respect for people and the natural world. This is why we’ve been horrified by the tragedy Russia is inflicting on Ukraine and the way politicians are using it as a way to further oil and gas destruction. 

Isabel Shaida’s op-ed in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle is a must read that delves further into the issue.

“I am angered and disturbed by the response to the war in Ukraine by our state’s elected leaders. Increasing production of domestic oil and gas is not the answer. There is no security, no peace as long as we are relying on fossil fuels. Our communities deserve a just transition to energy that does not have disastrous effects on our environment and does not escalate geopolitical conditions.

The only way that we can truly end the violence caused by war and stop the aggressions of petro-dictators is to transition off of fossil fuels. Oil runs deep throughout the global economy and it is hurting our communities. The extraction and use of fossil fuel energy causes air pollution, water contamination and now, once again, war. Unfortunately, this week, we have seen a brazen willingness to increase its use — from our senators calling for more domestic drilling to NorthWestern Energy’s hollow 2050 net zero pledge.”

Read the full piece here. 

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