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Impressive group of Dems running for Legislature

Gallatin County has an impressive group of Democrats running for the state Legislature. This includes many fantastic first-time candidates motivated to serve our community, such as Ed Stafman (HD 62), Alice Buckley (HD 63), Brian Popiel (HD 64), Kelly Kortum (HD 65), Colette Campbell (HD 67), and Emily Brosten (HD 68). The state Legislature has a significant impact on our daily lives. I am grateful this group wants to serve our community.
Ed Stafman is a good example of this team’s strength and dedication to best represent Gallatin County’s progressive values in Helena. Ed is committed to finding paths to effectively legislate. He is a keen student of policy, seeking to understand and implement the best solutions for our State’s needs. Ed understands the value of community and relationships. He supports our team of Democratic candidates. Ed will work hard for Gallatin County. I am excited to see what Ed accomplishes in Helena.
All politics are local. Gallatin County’s Democratic candidates prove that we should be proud of our local politics. Electing these candidates to represent us in the state Legislature will have a monumental impact. Every vote this November is important.
Hillary Carls

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 9/8/20

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