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Gianforte, Daines have sold out Montana for Trump

Gianforte, Daines have sold out Montana for Trump Gianforte and Daines are both aligned with Trump, supporting everything he stands for. Gianforte is currently airing TV ads that show him standing beside Trump. Gianforte and Daines have attached their political careers to Trump. He is their role model.
Their allegiance to Trump will be the reason they will be voted out of office in November. Montana cannot afford to have a governor, or senator, who does not support the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. These are just a few programs Trump wants to eliminate. Gianforte and Daines will vote with Trump every time to abolish programs vital to the well-being of Montana citizens. These multimillionaires have government funded healthcare and retirement plans paid for by Montana citizens. Their main concern is that the wealthy won’t have to pay their
fair share of taxes, or any taxes at all. These one-percenters have absolutely nothing in common with Montanans who have to work for a living and pay their taxes.
Gianforte and Daines assume their total allegiance to Trump is justification enough for them being re-elected to office in November. Montana cannot afford to have these two self-serving multimillionaires in office any longer. They have voted to support every Trump agenda, including eliminating healthcare for those with pre-existing conditions. Republicans also get sick and need access to healthcare. This is especially true in rural areas that lack adequate healthcare facilities.
When you vote in November remember how critical it is to have your pre-existing conditions covered. They want to eliminate pre-existing conditions and reduce social security payments. These multimillionaires only care about themselves. They support tax cuts for the wealthy. The only jobs they create are minimum wage. Vote to support your health and well-being. Vote these two
confidence men out!
Jack Davis

Bozeman Daily Chronicle, March 7, 2020

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