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Daines’ impeachment vote was appalling

As a relatively new resident of Montana, I purchased a home in Livingston last July, I am appalled by the vote of “my” junior senator, Steve Daines. It is beyond my belief that, after viewing and listening to the president’s own words over so many months and to the words of those who stormed our Capitol, any person with an open mind and nothing to gain one way or another could cast a Not Guilty vote.
I ask the Senator again, as I did in an earlier email to him, what possible reason can you give me for that vote? Don’t hide behind some technicality. Do you believe that Mr. Trump was the ultimate cause of what happened on Jan. 6? Do you believe that the election was fraudulent in such a way that would have changed the results? Are you so concerned with incurring the ire of those who still support Mr. Trump and losing their votes that you could not do the right thing?
Senator, I would like to hear your reasoning as well as to hear you tell Montanans that the past presidential election was fair and honest and that President Biden is indeed our legitimate president. Can you do that? Is there an ounce of courage in you?
John Roberg

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 2/21/21

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