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Daines and the Republican Party

Daines is unfit to represent Montanans
As I sit here watching today’s news unfold, with increasing dismay, of the protests occurring in Washington D.C., I am haunted by past correspondence with Sen. Steve Daines in which he always mentions Montana Values as a guide to when he represents the people. When he voted to declare President Trump innocent of impeachment and also to not even seek further information
regarding his potential guilt, was he acting with Montana Values? If he had voted yes, maybe today’s events, and many other terrible events that happened subsequently, might have been avoided. I hope he is watching today and reflecting as to how his way of justifying his actions are working out.
Mr. Daines, are you proud of your actions? I am proud of my ancestors’ actions during the American Revolution and the sacrifices they made. Mr. Daines, will your descendants be proud of your actions in these recent events? Mr. Daines, I know you claim to be a religious person. Did you recall the commandment, ‘Thou shalt not bear false witness,’ as you signed on to protest the many examples of voter fraud that you and your cohorts claim? It seems to me that claiming unproven voter fraud is somewhat like bearing false witness.
Sen. Mitch McConnell has finally stood up and acted like a human being with moral values. Will you do the same? I think it is time for you to resign. You are not fit to represent Montanans saying that you act with Montana Values.
Dr. Frank H. Tainter,
Wednesday was a tragic day in modern history
Today, Jan. 6, 2021, we witnessed the culmination of years of accumulated self-interest in an irresponsible breach of our Constitution by a faction of elected leaders who took an oath to uphold
the laws upon which the United States is founded and by our fellow citizens who have been misled by those leaders through lies and propaganda.
From its origins, the United States’ democratic republic has been grounded in the Enlightenment: Rational discourse and the scientific method could be applied to social interactions to solve our most pressing societal problems. For generations we have relied upon our goodwill toward one another and sense of commitment to a purpose higher than anything we could ever achieve on our own — a term the Founders called virtue — along with credible, reliable and valid inquiry to address the problems we all face as a nation and as humans.
But this day marks one of the more tragic days in modern history as we saw a lawless mob attack the very foundation of our republic at the behest of a deposed would-be autocrat. Everything we have ever stood for, the sacrifices every service man and woman has made, the hopes and dreams we have harbored for future generations, have been cast aside in favor of the dictatorial whims
of a self-serving mobster. And even now, our great state is being led along this path of wanton destruction by self-proclaimed “patriots” while our global allies watch with dismay and our competitors celebrate.
All those who have wished for our country’s demise are rejoicing today — all because a group of our fellow citizens decided to act upon the unfounded insinuations of a failed non-leader who is otherwise not worth a moment’s consideration except for the potentially irreparable destruction he has caused these United States.
Bill Stoddart
What has happened to the Republican Party?
What, might I ask, has happened to the Republican Party I grew up with? As a longtime Republican, I have seen some disturbing changes of great magnitude.
As a former poll volunteer, I see no reason to dispute the honesty and efficiency of our Election Departments, nationwide.
In an attempt to hear both sides, I have tuned to FOX news as well as CNN and others. A late evening diatribe rant on FOX “informed” me that those, not in the far Right fringe, adhere to the dictates of the Communist sector. Believe me I am most adamantly not a Communist, nor do I have Socialistic leanings. We have earned our Social Security payments plus the right to Medicare coverage.
I’m thoroughly disappointed in our state, one of the dozen that is still disputing the November election results. Could this be another ploy using our tax dollars for a costly and, unworthy venture? That vindictive phone call to Georgia election officials, was really the “frosting” on the cake, so to speak.
Common goals can be achieved, provided that all we try to respect and listen to each other. One-sided bloviation and Twitter rants only seek to divide and promote chaos.
Leslie Egloff

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor 1/8/21

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