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Campbell clear choice to represent House District 67

Most folks are busy with commitments to family, work and community, so it’s difficult to stay informed about politics. But the choices we make have very real consequences. There are some clear choices to be made in the upcoming election.
You can choose to have your taxpayer dollars support quality public education or see that system weakened as dollars are siphoned off to private schools over which you have no control. You can choose to support quality, accessible, affordable health care or allow greater profits for drug and insurance companies. You can support the rights of workers to earn a living wage or you can choose tax cuts for the wealthiest and less revenue to support services for mental health, affordable housing and infrastructure.
Colette Campbell, has lived, worked and raised children in this community for nearly 35 years and understands the needs of working families.
Her career as a Head Start educator, a public employee at MSU and board member of MFPE representing educators, highway patrol, nurses and public employees reflects her commitments. Colette is an honest, passionate, hardworking advocate for the needs of working families. The choice is clear: Vote for Colette Campbell HD67 in November.
Mary Brauer

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 10/9/20

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