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For the better part of a year now, I have been organizing in Gallatin County, because I wholeheartedly believe that the government can and should do a better job caring for our communities. There are far too many people feeling disillusioned, skeptical, or just plain old let down. And they’re not wrong to feel that way! Government has not always cared for us, but it can. 

In actual Montana communities, no matter our political leanings or how much money we have in our pocketbook, we care for one another — whether that’s by towing someone out of a snowbank or checking in on each other’s kids. Why doesn’t our government work the same way? Because politicians who are captured by corporate interests have been selling us out. For example, Governor Gianforte vetoed HB 235, a bipartisan bill to better care for our food insecure neighbors, and Republican state legislators from Gallatin County voted against Alice Buckley’s HB 231, because they couldn’t even support the childcare needs of fellow candidates, let alone our entire community. These decision makers do not care for you and me. Thankfully, there is a plan right now to fix that — Build Back Better. This federal legislation, if passed, would reshape government to work the way Montana communities do… Build Back Better’s historic investments would allow government to care for people and the planet. By working together right now, you and I can help build the power necessary to make it a success. 

How? By talking to our neighbors! Overcoming corporate power will require building people power. When building people power, it all starts with a conversation. Knocking on your neighbor’s door to ask them about their life is a profound act of changemaking. You and your neighbor will be building an active community, one person at a time, that is ready to organize for the change we want to see. Before you know it, you and I will have started an irrepressible movement, simply by showing up ready to learn from one another and transform our society.

Will you try knocking doors with me? The Gallatin County Democrats make it incredibly easy and fun! You can sign up by emailing

There’s a lot at stake. This is just a snapshot of what’s in the House version of the bill (likely to be changed in the Senate):

  • $400 billion for universal pre k 
  • $555 billion to combat climate change
  • $175 billion to expand affordable healthcare
  • Paid for by making sure corporations generate their fair share of the revenue

Will you come knock with me?

– Lucy Hochschartner, Gallatin County Democrats

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