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Why would you ever trust Trump to lead our country?


Let’s say that you are the manager of a small convenience store, and you need to hire an assistant manager. You’ve got several candidates, but one in particular seems to have extensive business experience so you do some research and you find that he has bankrupted six businesses, been sued approximately three 3,500 times, been accused of sexual assault by 18 women, publicly bragged about sexually assaulting women and openly discussed their genitals, has been divorced three times and publicly bragged about cheating on his wives, supported policies that broke up families and imprisoned innocent children, openly supported the use of torture, openly supported neo-Nazis and referred to himself as a nationalist, had paid a $25 million dollar settlement for setting up a fraudulent university and paid a two million dollar settlement for setting up a fake charity, publicly mocked disabled individuals, routinely lied and declared that he refused to accept responsibility for his lack of competence.
Would you hire him to be your assistant manager? Of course not, but if you wouldn’t hire him to be the assistant manager of a convenience store, why would you trust him to be president of the United States?
Guy Crawford

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 5/19/20

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