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Cooney, Graybill the best choices to serve Montana

As a lifelong Montanan and active member of the Montana Chapter of the National Organization for Women, I support NOW’s endorsement of Mike Cooney for governor and Raph Graybill for attorney general.
Cooney, a fourth-generation Montanan, possesses the extensive and relevant experience and home-grown dedication necessary. For Mike, it’s about service, not power; about inclusion, not exclusion; and about grass-roots support, not financing his own campaign. Mike has consistently demonstrated his commitment to Montana women and families, Indigenous Peoples and other diverse citizens, and to human and civil rights. As the current lieutenant governor, he’ll effect a smooth gubernatorial transition.
Graybill, a fifth-generation Montanan, was an auxiliary police officer in college, so knows the law from the streets up. As an attorney, he represented small businesses trying to survive. His record
illustrates his commitment to all Montanans regardless of position. Montana’s current AG has been reluctant to commit resources to missing and murdered indigenous women; Raph will deploy the Division of Criminal Investigation for all missing persons cases. His stellar record as chief legal counsel to Gov. Bullock qualify him to be highly effective from day one.
Mike and Raph are “real deal” Montanans who have our best interests at heart.
Marilynn Miller

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 9/18/20

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