In the People's Interest

Gallatin GOP leaders let COVID-19 conquer

Jim Hamilton, House District 61

Your Democratic legislators from Gallatin County worked tirelessly this spring to do the people’s work in the 2021 Montana Legislature, and sought to help, not hurt, Montanans. Unfortunately, the Republican-controlled legislature did not listen, and destructive laws have been passed that allow COVID-19 to continue it’s chokehold on Montana and Montanans.

Representatives Denise Hayman, Jim Hamilton, Ed Stafman, Kelly Kortum, and Senator JP Pomnichowski wrote a recent guest column in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that highlights the dangerous bills sponsored by Republican legislators from Gallatin County.

“These bills were offered in the name of “freedom,” even while removing freedom from private businesses to decide what is best for their business. More important, great leaders understand that there can be no freedom without responsibility to others. Gallatin Republican leaders minimized a disease which has killed over 1,700 Montanans and hospitalized 5,800 more. Had more people chosen to be vaccinated, this latest surge could have been avoided, but Gallatin Republican leaders chose divisiveness over unity, and championed their irresponsible version of ’freedom” over the sanctity of human life.”

Read the full guest column on the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.


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