2020 Candidates

Jim Hamilton, House District 61

Jim Hamilton

House District 61

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Brian Popiel, candidate for House District 64

Brian Popiel

House District 64

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Goals for Position:

  1. Protect Medicaid expansion in the face of a tight budget
  2. Ensure continued state support of education funding
  3. Protect Montanans’ right to a clean and healthful environment, especially in regard to our access to public lands

Candidate Statement

My name is Brian Popiel, I’m a builder here in the Gallatin Valley, and I’m running for House District 64.  I was motivated to throw my hat in the race because the Gallatin Valley & the state of Montana are at a tipping point.

We’ve had a tremendous run of growth here in the Valley-twice as many people live here as did when I graduated from high school 25 years ago.  On the one hand, that’s great because we have a booming economy, with top-notch public schools, unparalleled recreation opportunities, and a thriving job market.  Our situation is pretty unusual across Montana and most of the Rocky Mountain West.

On the other hand, there are costs-I’m really concerned about the soaring cost of housing, our lagging infrastructure, and dwindling open space.   Additionally, the economic and social crises caused by the Coronavirus pandemic are going to require a reasonable and pragmatic response in Helena to protect our way of life.

My goal is to be that responsible voice in Helena.


I own and operate two small businesses; a construction company focusing on remodeling and repair and a construction debris recycling company.  I’ve been actively involved in local politics for the last decade & will bring a pragmatic approach to dealing with our biggest challenges in Helena.

Just for fun, what is your favorite type of pet and why?

My family owns two dogs, because dogs are Humans’ best friends.


Denise Hayman

Denise Hayman

House District 66

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Denise Hayman is running for re-election in 2020 for House District 2020

Colette Campbell, candidate for House District 67

Colette Campbell

House District 67

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Candidate Statement

I fight every day for the shared values of freedom and liberty that unite us as a community stronger than anything dividing us.

If COVID-19 has exposed anything it’s that Montana’s small farms, truck drivers, and many small business profits continue to be devoured by monopolistic middlemen. Wall Street revels in profits siphoned off the demise of main street. Montanans must have living wage jobs and healthcare. Cost of necessities have skyrocketed while wages have barely pushed beyond stagnant for 40 years.

Montana needs to take measures to protect our family farms from the predatory and anti-trust practices of corporate Industrial Ag. Less than 15 cents of 1 food dollar reaches the farmer. More than 50% of family farms have someone working a 2nd job outside of the farm to support paying the bills and to acquire health insurance for the family.

“Charter school” is a slick name for private school, I will fight to ensure Montana taxpayer dollars are not siphoned from our already underfunded public school system to private schools. We CAN do better by every day hard-working folks and a vote for me puts you FIRST in my seat at the Montana Legislature.

Current Occupation and Qualifications

  • 11 year Montana State University Public Employee
  • 5 year Classified Staff Union President
  • 4 year Union Board Representative
  • 1 year MT AFL-CIO Director At Large
  • 12 year Early Childhood Educator
  • 30+ year Gallatin Valley resident
  • Responsible Gun Owner
  • Avid user and proponent of Public Lands

Just for fun – what is your favorite type of pet and why?

When I was nine my father gifted me with a buckskin mustang from Fort Washakie WY.  My life has been incredibly shaped with a good number of amazing animal companions I will never forget, but I miss that old ornery mare the most.

Emily Brosten, Democratic candidate for House District 68

Emily Brosten

House District 68

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  1. Promote affordable housing and smart growth planning
  2. Protect Montana’s natural resources and rural communities
  3. Support Montana’s workforce through continued job opportunities and access to affordable healthcare

Current Occupation and Qualifications

I work as the Senior Designer for a creative agency called Seacat Creative. We specialize in digital marketing, design, and content creation to solve problems for brands and organizations that occupy the outdoor industry. Prior to working at Seacat, I worked for the Department of Agriculture and managed numerous small businesses. My experiences have taught me the importance and success of using design thinking principles and collaboration to find solutions to tough issues. I am here to serve, listen, and learn for the individuals of House District 68 and my community.

Just for fun, what is your favorite type of pet, and why?

My junior year of college I became a beekeeper to do research for my senior thesis. I had three hives and although I wouldn’t technically call bees “pets” that project was very humbling and rewarding- it gave me a lot of appreciation and respect for those hard-working ladies.

Watch our Candidate & Community conversation with Emily from September 17!

Melissa Romano, candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Melissa Romano

MT Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tom Woods

Tom Woods

Public Service Commission


  • Educator, Current representative for House District 62

Candidate Statement

As a State Representative, Tom has always stood up for progressive causes in the face of fierce resistance by powerful special interests. When Northwestern Energy tried to hike prices on consumers, Tom introduced legislation to stop them—and won, dealing the utility a rare defeat in the legislature. He took on the hospitals and challenged soaring medical costs that send Montana families into bankruptcy every year. In past sessions, he helped lead the fight for Medicaid expansion, which gave 80,000 Montanans access to affordable healthcare. Tom will resist any attempt to cut the Medicaid program he worked so hard to expand!

Tom got into public service because he understands how working families in Montana struggle to make ends meet. In the past, he’s been a bartender, a musician, and a bellhop. Now he’s a teacher, a husband, and a father to two kids. He will always fight for Montana’s families, no matter what.

Steve Bullock, candidate for US Senate and current MT Governor

Steve Bullock

United States Senate

Steve Bullock is the two-term Governor of Montana. Born and raised in Montana, Steve went to public school and graduated from Helena High School in 1984. Now, Steve and his wife Lisa are raising their own family in Helena, where they live with their three kids: Caroline, Alex, and Cameron.

Steve has spent his life fighting for Montana families to make sure all Montanans have a fair shot at a better future. Before he entered public service, Steve worked as a consumer protection, small business, and labor lawyer and helped lead the fight to raise Montana’s minimum wage. Steve was elected Attorney General and fought the corrupting influence of money in politics by bringing the first legal challenge to the landmark campaign finance case known as Citizens United all the way to the Supreme Court. He also fought to protect access to public lands and streams.

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Kathleen Williams

Kathleen Williams

United States Representative