2020 Ballot Guidance

Need help with a few of the lesser-known or talked about races and issues on the 2020 ballot in Gallatin County? We’re here to help! This is simply guidance and should not be construed as an endorsement unless otherwise indicated. 

Constitutional Amendments & Ballot Issues

Read more about these on Ballotpedia.

CA-46 & CA-47

Both of these amendments are considered housekeeping and are supported by current legislators, like Bryce Bennett, running for Secretary of State. It is a language change that removes misleading information. We suggest you vote yes on both of these.

Legislative Referendum No 130

This referendum takes away local control over setting laws and protections related to concealed carry permits. An identical bill was vetoed by Governor Bullock in 2019. We believe this is the wrong choice for Montana because we trust local jurisdictions to make their own decisions. Read more about why to vote no on this referendum. We suggest a “no” vote.

Constitutional Initiative 118 and 190

These two ballot initiatives are about legalizing recreational marijuana use in Montana. The first, CI-118, is about establishing a legal age for purchase by an initiative approved by voters. In other words, if an initiative sets the legal age to purchase something as 21, rather than the legal adult age of 18, the initiative can do so. This sets up the Ballot Initiative 190 to allow adults 21 or older to legally purchase recreational marijuana. A 20% tax would be added to any purchase of recreational marijuana. Like any measure, this is not perfect. However, as we have adopted and are guided by the Montana Democratic Party Platform, we do support these ballot initiatives. To help make an informed decision, here are a few resources to consider:

Additional Nonpartisan Races
Montana Supreme Court Justice

The Gallatin County Democratic Central Committee voted unanimously to endorse Mike Black for the Montana Supreme Court. As one of our members, Hillary Carls, so eloquently put it: 

“Mike Black is an exceptionally smart, thoughtful attorney. He shares our progressive values and sense of justice. Mike will bring these values to the Montana Supreme Court. To me, important differences are he supports our right to privacy (i.e. a women’s right to choose), access to public lands, consumer protection, and transparency in who funds our campaigns. Justice McKinnon does not.”

Gallatin Soil Conservation District Supervisors (Vote for Two!)

The guidance below is provided by Senator JP Pomnichowski:

Included in the races on most ballots in Gallatin for the general election is the election of two people to the Gallatin Conservation District.

The Gallatin Conservation District is responsible for the health of our rivers and streams.  Any entity proposing a project that could alter the bed or banks of perennial water in Gallatin County must apply for a 310 permit under the Natural Streambed and Land Preservation Act of 1975 (310 Law). The Gallatin CD board decides on projects that alter our rivers and streams. 

This election, there are two candidates who are the most highly-qualified that have ever sought seats on the Gallatin CD board.

Please vote for Tammy Swinney and Briana Schultz for Gallatin Conservation District Supervisors!